When to Outsource

When to Outsource

Outsourcing  via TechniWrite gives you a flexible and cost-conscious solution that covers your documentation project needs. We have extensive experience in explaining complicated technologies in simplified terms, using an optimal mix of illustrations and text content.

But when should you outsource your documentation? Here are some guidelines:


You should outsource:

  • If your company is in an establishment phase and you cannot afford to employ a technical writer. You might have an idea about how to put together the documentation, but you need the final push. An experienced external consultant can get the process started.
  • If the job has been dumped on stressed developers and technicians who have no writing background and perhaps even dislike this part of their work. Your company would gain more by letting these people devote their time to product development.
  • When your products are only updated once or twice a year, and a full-time technical writer would be left twiddling his/her thumbs for extended periods. An experienced consultant can be employed for a short time and complete the job at a fraction of the price.

You should not outsource:

  • If your budget permits you to comfortably employ one or more permanent technical writers.
  • If documentation tasks are comprehensive and ongoing. In this situation, having permanent staff is an advantage.