Documentation, also in the local language, is often a required regulatory demand for many types of products, such as medical devices and software.

In cooperation with ADAPT Localization Services, TechniWrite offers consultancy services related to preparing technology products for translation and localization.


If you intend – and mostly likely you do,  – to introduce your products in international markets, then you  should do so in the right way – with well-localized documentation that reflects the high quality of your product. High quality localization does not mean high costs and can be achieved through an intelligent and cost-conscious approach. A poorly written manual will end up as a poorly translated manual reflecting poor quality.

  • If your software is in a poor linguistic state and with little thought for usability, the translated software ends up reflecting that state in every language, i.e., every market you wish to conquer.Do you want that to happen?

Documentation and software decisions made during the early phases of product development can often have a big impact on whether localization proceeds smoothly, or results in bottlenecks, frustration and delays. Greater awareness of localization and the processes involved can optimize the procedure and save the company time and money.


Contact Thomas Deibjerg at TechniWrite or Michael Kemman at ADAPT Localization Services for further information.