Client References

Client References

Below please see a selection of the clients we have been fortunate – and proud – to assist over the years. Most of them are continuing and strong relationships.



User guide for the survey management software SurveyXact – the most popular and renowned survey system in Scandinavia. TechniWrite also manages linguistic software QA to ensure consistency and usability. We work in FrameMaker and publish the manuals both online and in hard copy. So far, SurveyXact is translated and localized into five languages: Danish, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish.

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User guides, technical illustrations and sales materials for the various controller systems and software used for advanced irrigation systems. We work in FrameMaker, SolidWorks, Illustrator and PhotoShop.

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Creating and maintaining user guides, operations guides, white papers and on-line help systems for the company’s various security solutions – software as well as hardware. The documentation package targets both clients and the company’s own service personnel.

We work in FrameMaker and MadCap Flare.

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Kivex Systems

User guides and maintenance guides for the company’s IVF equipment used by IVF clinics all over the world. The manuals are created in InDesign and targeted toward both service personnel and end-users.

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Development of various product descriptions sales material, white papers and webpage texts presenting the range of software solutions from Schantz’.

Schantz develops IT solutions used in the financial sector, including insurance and pension.

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DBI (Dansk Brandteknisk Institut)

Creating a user manual and on-line help system for the software package Argos, developed by DBI. Argos® is a program for fire risk evaluation, which can predict smoke spread, temperature, radiation, etc. The program is used by architects and entrepreneurs when developing larger building sites for example, production plants, cinemas, and public institutions,

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Creating developer documentation for the Nem-ID-solution for DAN-ID (now known as nets). The task included proofreading and editing of various types of high-level user instructions related to the implementation of the first Nem-ID-solutions in Denmark.


Danske Bank

Training and mentoring in technical writing of 25 technical writers from the internal IT department. Running for a 4-month period, the assignment also included QA work. The initial ABREVE training was conducted together with



Creating end-user documentation for Motorola Danmark’s TETRA-solution used for radio communication. The consultant worked as an integral part of the development team at Motorola (developers, technicians and production staff). We worked in Arbortext HTML Editor.



Carried out the optimization of various technical publications for the company Devicon & Müller – a company acquired by the Bosch group in 2012.


PFA Pension

Creating end-user documentation for one of PFA’s pension- and insurance software solutions. The consultant worked as an integral part of the development team at PFA, writing user assistance in MS Word and then transferring them to PFA’s own publishing system.